Pre-Release Publications

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2013; 66(7):703-705. from PLOS Medicine Website

Call to RECORD: the need for complete reporting of research using routinely collected health data.

Benchimol EI, Langan S, Guttmann A, on behalf of the RECORD Steering Committee.

Clinical Epidemiology 2013; 5: 29-31

Setting the RECORD straight: developing a guideline for the REporting of studies Conducted using Observational Routinely collected Data.

Langan S, Benchimol EI, Guttmann A, Moher D, Petersen I, Smeeth L, Sorensen HT, Stanley F, von Elm E.

Post-Release Publications (co-authored by RECORD committee members)

Sexually Transmitted Infections 2016;92(1):2-3

Routinely collected electronic health data and STI research: RECORD extension to the STROBE guidelines.

Chen MY, Langan S, Benchimol EI

Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 2016;46(3):126-127, A1-A5

Improving the Reporting of Studies Using Routinely Collected Health Data in Physical Therapy

Langan SM, Cook C, Benchimol EI

Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2016;5(2)

Better research reporting to improve the utility of routine data for making better treatment decisions

Hemkens LG, Langan SM, Benchimol EI

British Journal of Dermatology 2016; 174: 477-80

The need to improve reporting of routinely collected dermatology data for patient benefit.

Langan SM, Benchimol EI

BMC Medicine 2016; 14: 44

Reporting transparency: making the ethical mandate explicit.

Nicholls SG, Langan SM, Benchimol EI, Moher D

Other Relevant Commentaries

PLOS Medicine 2015;12(11):e1001910

From Checklists to Tools: Lowering the Barrier to Better Research Reporting

The PLOS Medicine Editors

CMAJ 2016; doi:10.1503/cmaj.151470

Guiding the reporting of studies that use routinely collected health data

Quan H, Williamson T

Journal of Japanese Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare) 2017; 12(4): 413-417

日々の診療情報を用いた研究報告の質向上への提案−RECORD:The REporting of studies Conducted using Observational Routinely-collected health Data (日々観察されて集められている診療情報を用いた研究の報告基準) の日本語版について−

Okuyama A, Yokoyama K, Higashi T.